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GM4092 East German Cinema

SCOTCAT credits:15
Academic year(s):2017/8
SCQF Level 10
Planned timetable:To be arranged.

The end of the GDR also saw the closure of the East German Film studios, DEFA, threatening its films with commercial oblivion. However, since reunification the many culturally and artistically significant films made under DEFA have increasingly attracted critical attention. This module will consider a number of these films spanning four decades in order to explore the way in which they navigate the political and censorial climate of the GDR and such issues as: East German cultural identity, the politics of the ordinary, the East German realist aesthetic, gender identities and feminism, the conflict between the individual and the state and the role of the artist in the GDR. We conclude the course by considering a film produced post reunification.

Place in programme(s) and relationship to other modules


Optional for Single and Joint Honours German

UG Pre-requisite(s):Permission of the German Honours Adviser

Learning and teaching methods and delivery

Weekly contact:1 lecture, 1 seminar and 1 surgery hour.
Total module hours:
  • Scheduled learning: 18
  • Guided independent study: 132

Assessment pattern

UG As defined by QAA:
  • Written examinations: 60%
  • Practical examinations: 0%
  • Coursework: 40%
UG As used by St Andrews:2-hour Written Examination = 60%, Coursework = 40%
UG Re-assessment:3-hour Written Examination = 100%


Module coordinator:Dr C Lawson
Module teaching staff:Dr C Lawson