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EN4432   Poetry and Cinema

Academic year(s): 2018-2019

Key information

SCOTCAT credits : 30

ECTS credits : 15

Level : SCQF level 10

Semester: 1

Availability restrictions: Not automatically available to General Degree students

Planned timetable: 2.00 pm - 4.00 pm Tue

This module examines the relationship between poetry and cinema in the last century. Film is often treated as a narrative art, yet to a number of writers and filmmakers it is poetry, and not the novel, that is cinema¿s closest literary relative. In this module we will discuss tendencies and techniques common to both arts, with a focus on theories of the poetic image and of the moving image; key moments of cross-fertilisation between poetry and cinema; the development of the ¿film-poem¿; the depiction of cinema in poetry and vice versa; and the different uses of poetry in a range of world cinemas. Topics covered include Modernist poetry and cinematic technologies, with a focus on Charlie Chaplin, Hart Crane and H.D.; Italian cinema of the 60s; mid-century American poetry and the influence of Hollywood; poetry in Bollywood; Soviet and Iranian cinema.

Relationship to other modules

Pre-requisite(s): Before taking this module you must pass EN2003 and pass EN2004

Learning and teaching methods and delivery

Weekly contact: 2-hour seminar and 2 optional consultative hours.

Scheduled learning hours: 20

Guided independent study hours: 280

Assessment pattern

As used by St Andrews: 2-hour Written Examination = 40%, Coursework = 60%

As defined by QAA
Written examinations : 40%
Practical examinations : 0%
Coursework: 60%

Re-assessment: 3-hour Written Examination = 100%


Module teaching staff: Dr Emma Jones (EJ26)