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CH3715   Introduction to Analysis of Materials

Academic year(s): 2018-2019

Key information

SCOTCAT credits : 10

ECTS credits : 5

Level : SCQF Level 9

Semester: 2

Planned timetable: To be arranged.

The objective of this module is to introduce the principles of the most popular materials analysis methods using X-ray, ion beams, electrons and diffraction methods. The module will cover analytical principles of scanning and transmission electron microscopy (SEM, TEM), X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy (XPS) and Auger electron spectroscopy (AES) together with secondary ion mass spectroscopy (SIMS) and X-ray Diffraction methods (XRD). Diffraction techniques will also be covered with the introductory aspects of Electron Energy Loss Spectroscopy (EELS) together with vibrational spectroscopic techniques.

Relationship to other modules

Pre-requisite(s): Before taking this module you must pass CH2701 and pass at least 1 module from {CH2501, CH2601, CH2603}

Learning and teaching methods and delivery

Weekly contact: 2 - 3 lectures per week over 5 - 7 weeks (Weeks 1-7) and 2 - 3 tutorials in total.

Scheduled learning hours: 17

Guided independent study hours: 83

Assessment pattern

As used by St Andrews: 2-hour Written Examination = 100%

As defined by QAA
Written examinations : 100%
Practical examinations : 0%
Coursework: 0%

Re-assessment: Oral Re-assessment = 100%


Module coordinator: Dr R T Baker
Module teaching staff: Dr R T Baker, Prof W Zhou