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BL1102 Biology 2

SCOTCAT credits:20
Academic year(s):2017/8
SCQF Level 7
Planned timetable:10.00 am, Practical classes one per week 2.00 - 5.00 pm Mon, Tue, or Wed

This module provides an introduction to the diversity of life on Earth and will address key elements of organismal and ecological aspects of life. The module is divided into several sections beginning with the classification of life and an introduction to the kingdoms Monera, Fungi and Protista. Photosynthesis, respiration and the evolution and diversity of plants will be studied. Students will then look at the diversity of animals in the sea and the movement of some groups onto land. The module will also provide an introduction to animal behaviour and developmental biology, before finishing off by introducing ecology and the various factors promoting and threatening biodiversity. Throughout the module the lecture material is complemented by extensive practical classes introducing a variety of fieldwork and laboratory techniques.

Place in programme(s) and relationship to other modules


Compulsory for all Biology Degree Programmes

UG Modules required for:BL2300 - BL2310

Learning and teaching methods and delivery

Weekly contact:5 x 1-hour lectures (x 11 weeks) and 1 x 3-hour practical (x 8 weeks)
Total module hours:
  • Scheduled learning: 79
  • Guided independent study: 121

Assessment pattern

UG As defined by QAA:
  • Written examinations: 50%
  • Practical examinations: 7%
  • Coursework: 43%
UG As used by St Andrews:2-hour Written Examination = 50%, Coursework = 50%
UG Re-assessment:2-hour Written Examination = 50%, Existing Coursework = 50%


Module coordinator:Dr D Shuker
Module teaching staff:Team taught