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Search by Department and Module Level

In cases where the School offers more than one subject (e.g. History with mediaeval, modern and scottish history), then the School is included, which covers all subjects offered within that school.

Search by module code

An incomplete module code will match from the start; for example 'CS1' would match 'AB1001', 'AB1002' and other 1000 level AB modules. A dot, '.', character is a wildcard, and will match anything, so that 'AB3.02' would match 'AB3002' and 'AB3102'. (This is the same as the search box in the top right of the page).

Search by Level (Undergraduate only / Postgraduate only / BOTH - Modules that are in BOTH Undergraduate and Postgraduate Programmes) and module code

Modules available in BOTH Undergraduate and Postgraduate Programmes will appear under All three search criteria (Undergraduate/Postgraduate/Both)
Then type module code or prefix as above

Search by free text

This will find all modules that have the entered text in the title or description. It is case insensitive, and there is no support for wildcards.